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Loved the stars hairstyles at the Oscars? Hair extensions can help you take your hairstyle to the next level! Celebrity Hairstylist, Sacha Quarles has given us tips to create a popular hair trend seen on the red carpet this award season: the Veronica Waves! Want those waves but not sure if you’re hair can make it happen? Follow these tips with the SHE Hair Extentionbs Clip-In Hair Extensions for your glamorous movie star look!


First, secure the hair extensions:

Veronica Waves 700

“It’s always smart to back-comb the base of where you are going to place the clip. Another way to give the clip a little more security is to hairspray the back-combed area. That is a one two punch that will lock in those extensions!“

Once the extensions are in, here are the tips to create glamorous Veronica Lake Waves:

1. Starting with damp hair, add volume with a Mousse or a root booster. Distribute the product evenly.

2. Start with giving the deep part then blow out your hair using a medium round brush to create lift at the root and bend at the ends.

3. Spray hair with hairspray. This product will protect hair from the heat and help to hold the style.

4. Once the hair is dry, use a 1-inch to an 1 1/4 curling iron to create the desired style. This particular look will be achieved by curling the hair away from the face.

5. Use a brush to smooth the hair back on the right side. Secure it with small bobbie pins.

6. Once the hair is secured and in the desired look, use hairspray to lock in this rockstar style!


Still looking for more ways to use hair extensions? Here are a couple more ideas to change your hair style without a costly commitment.

Bangs can be very flattering, but the upkeep is sometimes not worth the hassle. With Clip-in options like those from SHE Hair Extention, you can steal the look, without commitment to a cut!

Bangs Extensions


Sacha Quarles Celebrity Artistic Director, SHE USA

Bio PhotoSacha Quarles has been the go-to hairstylist to fashion, film and television stars for over a decade. Raised and influenced by his mother, film stylist Aaron Quarles, Sacha Quarles was immersed in the history and style of fashion and cinema at an early age. He was especially inspired by visionaries such as Vidal Sassoon and Martin Parsons.

Sacha’s early work included styling hair for the famed HBO series, Sex and the City. Sacha’s career catapulted into celebrity hairstylist status.

His personal client list includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Robert De Niro, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Shia LaBoeuf, Carey Mulligan and Kristin Davis to name a few.


In light of recent celebrity engagements including Mila Kunis and Mary-Kate Olsen, Life & Style teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Sacha Quarles, artistic director for SHE Hair Extentions, to find what he thinks would be the most flattering hairstyles for these starlets.

Plus, based on past trends, Sacha—who works with Kristin Davis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carey Mulligan—predicts how these future Hollywood brides will choose to wear their hair.

Take a look and who knows, maybe you’ll end up styling your hair the same way as Lauren Conrad (gasp) one day!

Hairstyle Predictions
Mila Kunis

ENGAGED TO: Ashton Kutcher / ANNOUNCED ENGAGEMENT: Feb. 27, 2014

HAIRSTYLE PREDICTION: I expect to see Mila Kunis walk down the aisle with her usual mix of high fashion and easy going style. Having half of her hair pulled back and allowing beachy loose waves (achieved with 3 different sized barreled irons) to cascade down her shoulders and back would suit her wonderfully. I don’t expect to see anything too severe or polished. A sexy, romantic look is the star’s signature.

Mary-Kate Olsen

ENGAGED TO: Olivier Sarkozy / ANNOUNCED ENGAGEMENT: Feb. 28, 2014

HAIRSTYLE PREDICTION: Mary-Kate Olsen is always a wild card. I would suspect that she will go one of two ways. She’ll either pull her hair back into Parisian chignon and allow the focus to go towards her (sure to be) one of a kind dress. Or you will get a classic bohemian look (like she wore most recently at The Met Gala) complete with long loose curls and braids of all sizes.

Kim Kardashian

ENGAGED TO: Kanye West / WEDDING DATE: May 24 (report)

HAIRYSTYLE PREDICTION: Kim Kardashian is known for her signature look of voluminous long hair…This time however, I think we’re going to see something a bit more natural. A sophisticated side part style with a low bun in the back would look beautiful on her. As would a 30s inspired finger wave smoothed over one side and cascading down the other. No matter what style she wears, the world (and many brides to be) will be watching.

Lauren Conrad

ENGAGED TO: William Tell / WEDDING DATE: Fall 2014

HAIRSTYLE PREDICTION: Lauren Conrad will go Classic Hollywood all the way. She has been wearing her baliaged long hair in a 40s inspired loose wave for years and I don’t expect the Hills star to change up now. A jeweled head piece would complement her wonderfully.


Hayden Panetierre

ENGAGED TO: Wladimir Klitschko / ANNOUNCED ENGAGEMENT: October 2013

HAIRSTYLE PREDICTION: Hayden Panettiere will go for a youthful California bridal look. I expect to see raked out loose curls (achieved with a large barreled curling iron) and a lot of volume at her root and crown. Her long blonde hair will be whimsical and romantic. I wouldn’t expect a matronly top knot or up do for the Nashville star on her special day.


Move over twenty-something starlets and songbirds, because Kylie Minogue is back in the spotlight since the launch of her album Aphrodite and is looking more flawless than ever. In early December, Kylie, dressed in fur and donning a new platinum blonde hair color and ultra-long hair extensions, sang for the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center.

This was quite a change from Kylie’s girl-next door medium length and medium blonde hair color. With the transition to platinum blonde and ultra long locks, Kylie’s features stand out more and she looks even younger! Hey, who said 40 isn’t the new 30?!?!

To achieve a show stopping celebrity hairstyle like Kylie’s, hair extensions are a must. We are known for top of the line quality hair extensions that come in dozens of shades and many textures, giving you the most natural look. So.Cap hair extensions also outlast other competitor brands- When cared for properly they last up to 6 months!

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Wear it left, right, up, down, wet, dry, when you’re in a hurry or taking your time… Wear it if you have short hair or long hair. It matters not. The side part is not only 2014′s statement parting, it’s also its universal one. It goes without saying that if you have hair, you can part it to the side – even the tightest of curls will be receptive to a side part provided the right hair product is used. But as universal as this parting is, 2014′s take on it isn’t about just any side part. It is, instead, about a few standout hairstyles.