Julie Prey

Hair Designer


Julie Prey

Julie is highly acclaimed extension, color and hair repair expert. She is proficient in both warm and cold fusion.

Julie’s chemistry background and 25 years in the beauty business include the music industry, Television and time behind the chair.

Julie is currently the owner/stylist of an exclusive boutique salon in the heart of Brentwood California.

Along with educating our extortionists in proper technique, Julie also shares her successful marketing strategies for both individual stylists and salons alike.

As a visionary and progressive stylist, Julie continues to broaden our awareness of untapped extension markets.

Julie has work with SHE Hair in past.  She stated recently that the improvements and innovations in the new SHE Hair has allowed her to make extensions virtually invisible, in addition to applications on men, medically compromised hair and hair formerly deemed not strong enough to support extensions. She views them as a style solution, a Volumizers, a fantasy fling, and a proven tool in growing healthy hair for men and women .


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