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LARGEST HUMAN HAIR SELECTION include: Strand-by-Strand (keratin-tipped), Tape-In Strips (Extensives) 2 widths, clip-in extensions, (including 9-piece system, 3-piece systems, ponytails, bangs),Ebony Line, Wefts and Wigs. We offer over 90 colors, including Ombre (two-tone) shades and fantasy colors. Our extensions are available in three textures: straight, wavy and curly and three lengths (14-16″ / 18-20″ / 24-28″).

WET PRODUCT LINES include our Argan For You and 4U Hair Care Line 4U Hair Care Line that are specially formulated to maintain healthy hair and gorgeous extensions. Our premium shampoos, conditioners and oils are vital to long-lasting extensions and beautiful hair. SHOP SHE USA Hair Care Products


CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY is developed and manufactured at our factory in Italy by a team of specialized chemists, engineers and hair extensionists. We are continue to improve equipment, hair extensions and bonding methods. We offer a warm fusion machine – the FireX; ultrasound technology, cold fusion machine – Flat Ice; ultrasound White Devil Conditioning/Smoothing Iron; and Cordless Razor – the Hot Razor. Hair extensions tools and prep products allow our stylists to provide the most secure attachment and hair care to their clients.

REGIONAL OFFICES provide support to salons across the nation. Our regional locations are distribution and training centers for stylists. This infrastructure gives our stylists educational opportunities, immediate availability to the entire line of products and technical support with top national educators. Plus, SHE USA regional office assist the consumer to find a participating salon. Call or email us for a regional office near you.


EDUCATION ~ Training programs and free refresher and coaching classes are taught by our licensed professionals and creative educators to offer stylists the opportunity to learn from the best and maintain their technical skills. Each regional office has salon professionals teaching hands-on hair extension artistry, while sharing technical and marketing skills/strategies during their certification sessions. Our education includes both warm fusion and tape-in attachments.

MARKETING ~ Marketing and advertising strategies are an important part of what makes SHE USA unique, by offering marketing strategies to salon owners and stylists. An educated staff is the secret to success in promoting hair extension services and treatment options. Strategies include marketing and merchandising techniques, using social media, website images, direct marketing to maximize this service.


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